Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. There are lots of details, and no doubt, lots of questions. Whether you are a bride-to-be, a parent, a coordinator or planner, hopefully we can address your concerns right here at the beginning!


What do you require to book your services?

Typically, if I have your date available, I will hold a date for you for 48 hours when you request availability. That allows us time to communicate and set up a consultation. I may provide an initial quote based on the preliminary information, but once we have the consultation and solidify the specifics of the services I'll provide, I will give you a final quote. The date is not considered booked until the 50% initial payment is received and the contract digitally signed and returned. 

Will I be required to provide a meal for you?

That is something that I leave up to you. If you are already planning to serve a meal to your guests, and are going to do so for your other vendors, I would consider it a courtesy! Depending upon the size of the event and the amount of equipment I bring, I may have 1-2 assistants with me. I will outline that in my final quote. I will typically bring my own beverages (water, usually).

Do you take song requests?

When a client books my services, they will have access to a planning app where they have the ability to create a play/do not play list. That feature is intended to help me know their musical tastes, and I will do my best to make sure those requests are incorporated. As far as guest requests, I usually set up a sign with number folks can send in requests from their phones. Again, I will do my best to use my judgment as time allows to incorporate those requests. An experienced DJ understands that although people have strong attachments to certain songs or playlists, many times that does not translate directly to a danceable set of music, even if the music itself is otherwise fantastic. You want to trust your DJ to select appropriate music to keep your dance floor full. At the end of the day, our job is to entertain your guests, and that is why hiring someone with experience is so important!

What's your performance style like? What type of music do you specialize in?

I have a rather unique wrinkle to the services I provide. I am not one to be on the microphone a lot, but I will from time to time hype the crowd. I bring out my saxophone at certain points during the night to enhance the energy and engage with guests. I don't do a lot of "club mixing", and I emphasize relatively short transitions between songs. I would have to say that the way I choose the music comes from my intention to  manage the flow of the event, rather than just being setlist-based. I love the classics (Motown-70s-funk-soul-80s), and enjoy mixing them in with more modern dance tracks. Most of all, I love to see people having a good time, so any music that helps people dance and have a great time is what I would say I specialize in. 

How long have you been DJ'ing weddings?

I have been in the wedding music business for over 30 years. Specifically, I have been both a ceremony musician, cocktail hour musician, and most importantly a wedding band live musician. As such, I have seen first hand, over and over, the way a wedding reception flows and ebbs, what keeps the momentum flowing and what kills it. I have an intimate knowledge of the music that people will dance to, a passion for being professional in all my work, and a vested interest in making your event the best it can be. So, while I can say that my experience being a DJ for weddings is relatively small, my wedding music experience is not small, and in fact gives me a bit of a unique perspective as to what really happens at a wedding reception. Turning knobs and mixing transitions is one part of being a successful wedding DJ, but knowing crowds and being an excellent communicator, being organized and being the most positive and pleasant person I can be are also key components to what makes me successful as a wedding DJ AND musician. 

 Do you carry liability insurance?

As a professional business person, yes I am insured. My equipment is all insured, and I am covered in the event of accident or injuries. I always take measures to mitigate risks and trip hazards, but if we're honest, we know that people usually drink at weddings and some don't know when to stop. That is where a lot of accidents occur with equipment involving the DJ/musicians. Should someone be injured through contact with some of my gear, or be injured through some act of myself or my assistants, liability insurance is carried by me. 

What is your cancellation policy?

The initial payment made is considered non-refundable. The remaining balance, if paid in full or in part prior to 24 hours before the event, is fully refundable. If cancellation is made within 24 hours of the event, the remaining balance is not refundable. If you opt to reschedule to another day, and I am available on that day, then I am happy to reschedule the event. If I am not available on the rescheduled date, then I will refund any portion of the remaining balance that has been paid, but the initial payment will remain non-refundable. The reason for this policy is to protect my business from loss due to factors out of my control. I would be unlikely to be able to replace the income lost as I will have invested time in preparation and declined other potential events on that date. If for some reason I am unable to perform (and the event is still going to happen), I will consider the entire amount (initial payment + payments made towards remaining balance) refundable, payable either to you or to my replacement vendor.